Our commitment to precision and exceptional client service is evident throughout our operations. At Kots, we prioritize client consultations to tailor menus according to the specific preferences and requirements of administrative bodies and students of all ages.

For five years, Kots proudly served the British International School, overseeing the meal provision for staff and students as the school’s population surged from 15 to 200. Similarly, at Day Waterman College in Abeokuta, we’ve adapted to the growing student body, catering to their needs as the population expanded from 120 to 500.

In Ikeja GRA Lagos, Kots delivers 700 meals daily to the Grange School. Additionally, we extend our services to James Hopes College in Agbor Delta, providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 60 staff and students.

Recognizing the evolving preferences of children towards food, we strike a balance between culinary trends and nutritional essentials crucial for their growth and well-being. Hygiene is paramount in our operations, ensuring that every meal is prepared and served under the strictest sanitary conditions.