Culinary & Phylosophy

For thirty six years, Kots has been dedicated in the provision of services for clients in several locations.

During this period the company has built up substantial resources in the form of skills, expertise and administrative support.

As a company we pride ourselves on total flexibility. Irrespective of the size and nature of the operations, we are able to adapt our services to fit into your requirement and to suit the unique condition of individual projects.

Whether you are planning a lunch meeting for executives, a Christmas Party for the staff, a grand opening at your new location, or a company picnic, we can easily service your needs.



Our food originates from the finest food stuffs available. From the naturally raised meat, every component of each dish is the purest available. Our culinary team crafts the daily cuisine.



Our business philosophy extends far beyond simply providing “good food, quality service.” The product we have chosen to provide is one of extraordinary service within the food and beverage industry. To this end, passion and caring for others are cornerstones of our company.

Kots cares about her products, clients and her own people. Taking the time to discover the needs of others and then exceeding their expectations is, and always will be, a Kots characteristic.