About Kots Catering

Kots Catering Has Over Many Years, Established A Reputation For Quality Integrity And Excellence.

About us

Kots Catering Nigeria Ltd was founded in 1987 by Kehinde Daniel. After 27 years of success as one of Nigeria’s leading catering operations, Kots has a team of professionals introducing a fresh idea to the Nigerian society in the catering and hospitality and Kehinde’s love for food and hospitality has taken her on a journey that has touched the lives of her clients and guests.

Central to creation of a fine dining experience, is expertise, quality, and innovation.

Making the important moments of your life exceptional through great food and impeccable service is our main goal.

Our secret in managing our success is simple. We build long lasting relationships, we assist our clients in their menu development, and we provide the bits and pieces that soften the rigors of catering. Simple things like suggesting the flowers, colours and putting together all the essential aspects to make your event a success.

Kots Catering offers excellent service that no other catering company can replicate. Our solid reputation and impressive clients list is a reflection of our success in this mission. Our dedication and personalized service sets us apart in the industry.

Kots Catering has grown to a large catering company with over 170 full time and part time employees servicing various corporate accounts and private clients.

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